Scientists will cure cancer with the help of 3D-printed robots

Scientists will cure cancer with the help of 3D-printed robots
13:34 7 Yanvar 2017
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Chinese scientists have developed a new way to fight cancer. With the help of 3D-printer experts modelled the small robots, whose structure is based on the substance of the hydrogel. These robots have the ability to penetrate into the human body through the skin, gradually and uniformly distributing within the body the layer of doxorubicin.
Scientists hope for greater efficiency of such a method of drug administration as compared with conventional counterparts. Robots do not require special outside charging.
They do not come with any batteries, no battery, no wires for power from the grid. The mechanisms are control by means of the emission of electromagnetic waves.
In some ways, the effectiveness of a new method of cancer treatment has already been tested. The experimental mice after exposure to such technology felt some relief in the fight against disease.
These cancer cells have not gone away, but the spread of new metastases was able to virtually stop. It is unknown what effect the robots on the basis of the hydrogel will have on a person in his battle with cancer, according to Vista News.