LG introduces new line of televisions based on the based on the technology of nano cell

LG introduces new line of televisions based on the based on the technology of nano cell
10:34 11 Yanvar 2017
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LG Electronics showed at CES 2017 in Las Vegas the new SUPER UHD TVs (models SJ9500, SJ8500 and SJ8000) based on the technology of Nano Cell. Allegedly, the new items provide a whole new level of image quality. SUPER UHD TVs the third generation from LG will be able to transmit the image as realistic as possible, showing all shades of color with a wide viewing angle. The new devices have the latest version of the intuitive webOS platform from LG Smart TV. With all the SUPER UHD TVs support formats Active HDR and Dolby Vision – it will provide users access to the full range of high quality HDR content.
Nano technology Cell allows to achieve high quality images by capturing light waves of excessive length, while increasing the purity of the displayed colors. The new TVs from LG transmit a single color exactly in the form in which they thought the creators of the content being viewed. This technology significantly reduces the probability of losing the original color image instability and other problems and also reduces light glare on the screen, which is important when the TV is surrounded by various external light sources.
SUPER UHD TV from LG has an ultra-slim format Ultra Slim Crescent to stand, whereby the thickness of the 55-inch model SJ9500 reaches only 6.9 mm at its thinnest part. The choice of method of installation of TV: stand on a pedestal, as part of a large entertainment center, or mount on the wall.
In the new TV technology ULTRA Luminance – it provides higher brightness and contrast of the image. The LG TVs are also equipped with the new feature of HDR Effect that improves the picture quality during playback SDR-content, processing it frame by frame, and thereby increasing the contrast and clarity of the image shown.
In addition, there is a Active HDR function, through which the audience receives the best quality pictures regardless of, whether prisutstvujut in the original HDR content, dynamic or static data, or metadata not contained at all.
Operating system webOS 3.5 LG has been supplemented with improvements which provide quick access to all features of the TV. New button Magic Link provides the ability to quickly find the necessary content and access to information about the actors and the characters that appear on the screen. Has also been enhanced to feature Magic Zoom – users can zoom in and fix any part of the image you wish to consider in more detail.