Nanocapsules management - the way to more effective treatment of diseases

Nanocapsules management - the way to more effective treatment of diseases
16:34 11 Yanvar 2017
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Targeted delivery of drugs has become increasingly popular in recent years among researchers from around the world. But despite the large number of advantages, this technology has a lot of shortcomings. Elements used in their structure are currently working on the gradient of chemical technology.
Scientists from the University Redbaund from the Netherlands found a way to fully control the movement of the nanocapsules, which allows them to stop, hitting the field with the diseased tissue, where the temperature is always slightly higher than the temperature of normal healthy tissue.
Furthermore, there are also elements for controlling the movement and rotation of the the structure. The brake system is a molecule sensitive to heat polymer arranged in the housing.
Temperature changes cause these molecules to shrink or buckle, blocking access of fuel (in this case, hydrogen peroxide) to the surface area covered by the catalyst layer.
The sensitivity of these molecules is high enough, and they completely cover the "supply" of fuel at a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius and higher, which forces to stop this tiny nanomachines.
The creators say, “In the future, we plan to replace the “brake” that respond to temperature changes, brakes, responsive to light,” according to